Chateau du Taureau en Baie de Morlaix, Bretagne, Finistère

All aboard for Brittany’s Alcatraz!

In the heart of one of Brittany’s most beautiful bays, the Château du Taureau could be mistaken for Alcatraz or even the home of TV show Fort Boyard.

bateau au chateau du taureau, Baie de Morlaix Bretagne

Offshore fortress

This offshore fortress, however, has stood strong for at least two centuries more than these other strongholds, and is open for visits. Set sail for an unforgettable adventure in the waters of Morlaix Bay and discover the seven different lives of this timeless monument!

Step into history

A careful, eight-year restoration of this grand structure means that Château du Taureau is now open to visitors from April to September. Grab the opportunity, book your crossing and head to your boat, either from Plage du Kelenn in Carantec or Port du Diben in Plougasnou. One short, picturesque boat trip then you’ll be stepping off and climbing up through the daunting and imposing entrance into the courtyard, the centre of this stone fortress dating from 1689. Initially built to fight off English raiders, it was fortified by the famous military architect Vauban, became a prison, a place of banishment for irksome noblemen, a holiday retreat and even a sailing school. Throughout the centuries it has stood proud, an iconic silhouette on Morlaix’s horizon.

excursion en bateau chateau du taureau, Bretagne, Baie de Morlaix

“La vie de château” 

Listen to the English audioguide, learn about the history and explore the Chateau on your own. Over two levels, you’ll discover the gunpowder room, the guard room and of course the former prison cells. You can learn about those who were incarcerated here, not just criminals but political prisoners and even men whose wealthy families wanted them banished from society. You’ll also learn how Taureau became a lavish and welcoming holiday home for Mélanie de Vilmorin, an heiress who held splendid parties for the French jet-set. Finally, you’ll be treated to the show-stopping, 360° views over Morlaix Bay from the rooftop (remember your camera!). Whether you’re a history fan, nature lover, or just curious about human stories, youngsters and grown-ups alike adore a visit to the Château du Taureau!

Ask about Taureau’s events

The Château du Taureau also holds a wide range of events for all ages. These include storytelling, theatrical evenings and bird-watching, each a different way of experiencing the Chateau, its setting and its history. Do you fancy an exotic picnic spot? The Chateau has a few specially-designed areas that are perfect for picnics and will guarantee a meal to remember.

Practical Info :

  • Crossings by boat: the timetable for boat trips and one-off events is available from local Tourist Offices or online at
  • Crossing time: 15 minutes from Carantec / 40 minutes from Plougasnou
  • Booking required (online, by phone on 00 +33 (0)2 98 62 29 73 or at the Tourist Offices of Morlaix Bay).


Expert advices

During the beautiful season

Open to visitors from April to September

Family Fun

A great day out for the family.

Spot photo

Remember your camera!

Excursion to the Château du Taureau

Crossing from Plage du Kelenn in Carantec or Port du Diben in Plougasnou, the Château du Taureau is situated in Morlaix Bay.

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