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Family fun

Once upon a time in Morlaix Bay, there was a marvelous place that offered families a whole host of activities. There was never time to be bored, and the days were simply too short to try everything on offer…

Great ideas for families with young children

Your little darlings will be amazed when they discover this area, filled with sights and sensations. This Breton peninsula is a land of adventure and the sea can be enjoyed from the youngest age.

The Green Way, or “Voie verte”, by foot or by bike

Come and stroll along as a family in complete safety on these sheltered trails that can only be used by non-motorised transport – no cars or motorbikes, just pushbikes, the occasional horse and of course, plenty of walking. In the heart of the country from Morlaix to Carhaix, you can breathe deep and enjoy the fresh air.
Children can gently cycle or even glide along on their scooter knowing that it’s safe from traffic – and as these Green Ways are mostly made from old railway tracks, they are usually wonderfully flat so even tiny legs can manage them easily. Should you wish, you can hire a bike from Morlaix.

descente vtt dans les monts d arree

cours de surf à locquirec

Back to school – but this time a Sailing School

Your children will be impatient to get on their lifejackets and head out if they hear about what’s on offer. Try the mini sailing boats called “Optimist” which is perfect for young would-be mariners. Choose from any number of courses, lessons and outings to suit your little ones – and of course, the bigger ones, too!
Contact the Sailing Schools of Morlaix Bay: Carantec, Plougasnou ou Locquirec.

Surfin’ Morlaix Bay

And if kids are keen to learn to surf, contact surfing schools of the region: Surfplaya School, Surfing Locquirec, Surfing PlougasnouEcole de surf du Léon.

What can we do if it rains?

  • Corsaire Bowling: Come and play bowling between friends or family members in Morlaix.
  • Lasergame: come face-to-face in a 300-m² labyrinth with a new-generation paint gun. A hilarious and surprising game, unique in the region of Morlaix!
  • Happy Jungle: indoor playground near Morlaix, for children between 0 and 12 years old. 

The unique Wolf Museum

Tucked away in Le Cloître Saint-Thégonnec is a unique museum, the only one of its kind in France. Here you’ll find out all about wolves, which still roamed the surrounding countryside just 100 years ago… This museum tells the story of the wolf: its habits, its hunting, its disappearance, its place in biodiversity and the issues surrounding its presence in modern France. Book your tickets on line.

bateau au chateau du taureau, Baie de Morlaix Bretagne

Adventurers for a day!

Head for Plougasnou or Carantec and you can set off for the famous island fortress, Château du Taureau. Think yourself lucky that you’re only here for a visit, not to be locked away for years like some of the previous inmates here. Are you keen to find out more? In that case, book your place.


All aboard for an unforgettable experience by the sea… 

Take a boat to the Île de Batz, or explore Morlaix Bay aboard the traditional sailing boat “Amzer’zo” or semi-rigid speedboat “Les Vagabonds de la Baie“. 
Timetables for boat trips are available from local Tourist Offices or online.

Ecomuseum of Plouigneau

Here’s a whole century of rural life in Trégor: the school, the café, the grocery, the craftsmen, the hairdresser’s and more. This Ecomuseum is a step back in time, characterised by an enchanting collection. Book your tickets on line!

parcabout treuscoat aventures en famille

Parcabout®, “have fun” through the trees !

The Domaine du Treuscoat has a 500m² Parcabout® leisure activity allowing you to swing safely through the trees – the only one of its kinds in the area. There are plenty of other activities, too, such as pony-riding, bike-hire and walking trails. The Domaine du Treuscoat is open to guests all year round.

Be the architect of the greatest Sandcastle

The beach is a fantastic playground where the imagination can run riot. A bucket, a spade and a bit of creativity then you’re off building your own wonderland in the sand. Build your sandcastle and add all the details you desire – a bit of driftwood for a drawbridge, seaweed for a forest and shellfish for treasure. Timeless fun!

peche a pied plougasnou

Shellfish gathering at low tide – get your boots on!

Armed with a bucket and a fishing net, wait until the tide goes right out and off you go. Under the rocks is the kingdom of crabs and tiny shellfish; on the sand, it’s the haven of razor-clams, cockles and winkles. Even if you might not be lucky enough to gather a large feast, you’ll enjoy the breeze in your hair.

More activities with the children :

Abbaye du Relec, in Plounéour-Ménez : The grounds are open all year round for walks. From May onwards there is an exhibition and guided tours as well as rucksacks with fun heritage and nature games for families to play while walking around the site. The kitchen garden exhibition and concerts, such as ‘Rencontres Chorales’ and ‘Arrée Voce’, begin in June. Other events are held at different times throughout the season, including garden events and European Heritage Days. To find out more about events, check online: What’s on.

Activities with the small children

Accessible in stroller :

  • “Tour du plan d’eau du Guic” – Guerlesquin (2,7 km)
  • “Tour de la pointe” – Locquirec (1,5 km – 30 minutes)
  • Primel boardwalk – Plougasnou
  • Ile Callot, accessible at low tide from Carantec harbour
  • Plage du Kelenn – Carantec
  • Plage du Clouët – Carantec

Feel free to ask more informations to our Tourist Offices.

balade en poussette, Carantec

Hire a bike for all the family

Morlaix Bay with an electric-powered bike? Now that’s the solution for all those steep streets and hills! Here, you can hire a bike all year round, including those that have an electric boost for when you need that helping hand. Ask to the Tourist Offices for more information

Barnenez Cairn

Built 6,000 years ago, this monument is 75m long and 28m wide, and stands as a testament to an unexpected level of engineering know-how. Eleven corridor tombs are hidden within its titanic facade, some of which bear engraved messages that have yet to be understood. Don’t miss this Neolithic masterpiece, nicknamed “the Prehistoric Parthenon” and considered the oldest mausoleum in Europe!


Écopark at Penzé, thrills in the trees!

Imagine yourself swinging through the trees, Tarzan-style, in a forest nestling at the bottom of a rich green valley… clamber along the rope bridges or whizz down the cable of the Tyrolienne. All safety equipment is provided and it’s open to children from 6 years old – you just know they’ll adore it! 
Discover the Écopark


ecopark de penze en famille

Events and animations

“Place aux Mômes” Festival: danse, music, theatre, humoristic spectacles… Every summer in Carantec (Thursday) and Plougasnou (Monday).

Not to be missed: the first Thursday of August in Guerlesquin, the World Championship for Throwing the Standing Stone!

All the informations in the section What’s on.

Playgrounds and skate parks

Playgrounds in Morlaix, Terenez harbour in Plougasnou, in Plougasnou town center, in Saint-Jean-du-Doigt, Lanmeur, Locquénolé, Plouigneau…

Skate parks in Plougasnou, Carantec, pumptrack in Plougasnou and Locquénolé, or BMX track in Plouezoc’h.

  • Pump Park – Locquénolé

Aire de jeux Locquénolé

  • Pump Track – Plougasnou

Aire de jeux Pump park Plougasnou

Indoor activities!


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