Coucher de soleil Locquirec

Our top photo spots

Our pick of the top spots for the best photos and souvenirs of #baiedemorlaix, share on Instagram. The lights in Morlaix Bay, the movement of the tides, tiny islands revealed twice a day – all this and more will delight visiting photographers who know how to capture these sights through a lens.

Sables Blancs beach in Locquirec


The wild coastline of Beg an Fri in Guimaëc


The Customs Officer’s hut at Pointe de Primel in Plougasnou


The Diben view in Plougasnou

Pointe du Diben Plougasnou


Sunset in Terenez

Coucher de soleil Terenez


Morlaix’s alleyways and old buildings. See it from the Place Allende or Place des Viarmes.


The unmissable coastal viewpoint form Pointe de Pen al Lann in Carantec, overlooking Ile Louët and Château du Taureau

Ile Louet en Baie de Morlaix, Bretagne, Finistère


Penzé river from bridge Pont de la Corde



The coastal pathway in Carantec, GR 34


The Abbaye du Relec for its calm and natural setting

Abbaye du Relec plouneour-menez


The Place du Champs de Bataille in Guerlesquin


Le Roc’h Trévézel in the Monts d’Arrée


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