ile Louët bateau Amzerzo carantec

Essentials of Morlaix Bay

First visit to Morlaix Bay ? We deliver here the essentials for a successful stay ! Heritage and culture, nature trails, hiking, discoveries and sensations, visits and so on. Let’s follow the guide.

Plage de Primel

Sandy beaches

Come and laze on one of our sandy beaches in Locquirec, Plougasnou or Carantec !

Swimming, rest or water activities ? you have the choice.

ile Callot passe aux moutons

Callot Island

Callot doesn’t reveal itself to just anyone! This little piece of land, shaped like a seahorse, has two distinct characters: at low tide, it’s a peninsula, but at high tide it becomes an island. You can reach it by foot, by bike or by car, at low tide by crossing over a path that is submersed when the waters rise with every tide.

Walks between Morlaix Bay

The whole area of Morlaix is a positive paradise for those who love walking. There are coastal paths that will take your breath away, walking circuits through wooded valleys or the more serious hiking trails (GRP), so there is something for everyone!

GR Plougasnou


Château du Taureau – The French Alcatraz – and one you can visit!

A rather disturbing silhouette dominates Morlaix Bay: a granite fortress, a great stone structure that asserts itself on the Morlaix skyline…. this is the Château du Taureau. From April onwards, you can take a trip to explore this symbolic monument, even though its first purpose was to discourage all visitors. Take a boat from Carantec or from Plougasnou.

Crêtes Monts d'arrée

Arrée Mountains

Enjoy spectacular panoramic view on the surrounding landscape. Hiking, nature trails, heritage sites are waiting for you.


Cairn de Barnenez

À burial chamber older than the Pyramids. This cairn is one of the earliest lasting structures in Europe. Measuring between 20 and 25 metres across and 6 metres high, the Cairn of Barnenez gazes over Morlaix Bay from its vantage point at Plouézoc’h.


Set into three hills that connect the magnificent viaduct, Morlaix can boast an impressive number of circuitous alleyways… so there are plenty of ways you can explore and discover on foot!

Façades à Morlaix


Enclos Paroissiaux

Churchyards of special architectural interest. In Brittany, our religious monuments are unlike any others in the world. They remind us of the religious fervour in times gone by. Saint-Thégonnec, Plounéour-Ménez, Saint-Jean-du-doigt.. follow a trail through these towns that will lead from the sea to the mountains… Each parish church consisted of the church itself, and usually a stone cross monument, an ossuary (bone house), a graveyard and a triumphal entrance. The outer wall then marked the boundary and protected the holy ground.

Guerlesquin, Fascinating rural town

Guerlesquin is the only remaining example of a town square with the three elements of urban power from the Old Regime: the market halls, a prison and a church. Around the square are three other squares and “two long ribbons of stone” that are in truth quaint buildings in this town of exceptional character.

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